Big Rock #1 - Culture

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What is culture and Why is it Important?

Culture is not a document that hangs on the wall.  Culture is what we believe, how we behave, and the experience our behavior produces for others.  It is the foundation on which our school district is built.  Written statements help clarify the culture, but documents don't build culture . . . . . . our attitude, actions, and words do.

Our core beliefs provide the expectations for how we behave toward each other.  This includes everyone 

who is part of Mason City Schools.  Because culture shapes behavior, it determines how effectively we execute our mission, vision, and educational strategy.  Our success depends on the ability to collaborate and execute in a constantly changing environment.  Culture aligns everyone at Mason City Schools around a common set of beliefs and behaviors that ultimately determine our success.

MCS Beliefs, Behaviors, Experiences 

Take a look at the Culture Guide.  You will see that each of our beliefs drives specific behaviors that produce key outcomes.  Our goal is not simply to publish and promote a list of principles.  Our goal is to create a  learning environment where everyone consistently engages in the behaviors that produce great experiences and great outcomes.

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