MI Presents Nonfiction Fashion Show

MI Presents Nonfiction Fashion Show
Posted on 01/16/2018

MI Nonfiction Fashion ShowStudents in Mason Intermediate fourth grade teachers April Raleigh and Julianna Traxler's Language Arts classes recently presented a Nonfiction Fashion Show.

Students dressed up as nonfiction characters - such as Nelson Mandela, Cleopatra, and even Woody Hayes. All 51 of Raleigh and Traxler's students got into character to share what they have learned.

Watch this clip from the Show!

Laurie Butts has been doing a nonfiction fashion show for a couple years, which inspired Raleigh and Traxler to try it with their learners as well. 

Each student chose a person who fell into the following themes:

  • Involved in a disaster
  • Overcame a big challenge in his/her life
  • Remembered for a notable achievement or success
  • Made a positive difference in the lives of others

“Allowing the students to choose who they wanted to research and learn more about really helped them take off and stay engaged in the project," shared Raleigh. "It was great to see each student shine in their own way at the fashion show.”

The students enjoyed choosing their subject as well!

"I really liked how we could choose anyone we wanted to research and dress up like them and get to show everyone. It was fun to walk down the runway and let everyone see!” -Maya Roberts, MI fourth grader in Raleigh's class.

After student's chose their subject person, they gathered resources and learned about his or her life. Finally, students wrote an informational essay about the person of their choosing. The last step of this project was to then 'become' this famous person. 

For the fashion show, the students created a slideshow with pictures, quotes, and music pertaining to their person. The students then personified that person by walking down the fashion show runway in front of family and friends!

"The fashion show went great. It was nice because everyone was respectful to each other while they were presenting.” -Chloe Wellington, MI fourth grader in Traxler's class.

Giving the students choice and voice in this project allowed for each and every student to shine in a unique way," explained Traxler. "The Nonfiction Fashion Show allowed for students to showcase special skills and gifts they had such as: dancing or acting that we might not have been able to see inside the classroom.”

Students were able to practice gathering information from multiple sources and writing an informational report. They also focused on their speaking and listening skills. 

"After the fashion show, students were able to reflect on how it went," added Raleigh. "Many of the students addressed the fact that before the show they were nervous and afterwards they felt a sense of accomplishment. It was a great learning experience for all the students."

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